Start the Startup Weekend Tirana event


The most important event that promotes entrepreneurship and highlights new ideas for creating startup companies within 54 hours officially opened on Friday in Tirana at Protik Centre premises.
In the second consecutive year the organization of the event, dozens of passionate and interested to establish profitable businesses gathered at the event, where they had the opportunity of presenting their ideas to business.
Students, programmers, designers, managers, marketers and technology enthusiasts presented during Friday dozen ideas within a short time of 60 seconds each, where was necessary to predict the exact pitching time in order to achieve the enthusiasts and attention of participants who will then vote on interesting ideas.
Upon completion of the presentation, all ideas remain posted at the Protik premises, while all the participants vote their favorite projects.
After selecting 14 most voted ideas, it came the moment of creation of working groups. Originators spoke briefly on the nature of the participants that they needed in their team, choosing developers programmers, designers or marketers. The Friday night ended with the the establishment of working teams.
On Saturday, the teams started to work on their ideas and moreover they began to strengthen the team spirit and getting help from mentors’, try to complement, expand and implement their ideas into practice to create prototypes to which could be placed on the market with a view and the vision to achieving creation of new enterprises in the field of information technology.
Sunday night all the prototypes created were presented a By Sunday evening, teams demo their prototypes and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts jury –competing for real prizes that help speed them to launch.