Teams Presentation Order


14 teams were formed on Friday night and have worked all weekend to turn their ideas into real businesses.

Come along to hear quick-fire five minute pitches from our awesome teams. Prepare to be AMAZED at what can be accomplished in just 54 hours!
This will be the order of the pitches tonight:)

1) – A platform for offering and bidding on different services online.
2)– Web alication that has the best offers for products and delivers them to the users
3) SocialHood– An social platform for your neighbors
4) Farm’N’ Fish– A service to promote the aquaponics system in Albania.
5) Drop’n’ Travel– A tourist site comparing similar places around the world and suggestion similar places
6) Kosta& Sotir– Electrical Virtual scheme- Stimulates different electricschemes. 2.”AL-Speak”
7) KuKI Pati– A web platform that will be promoting and finding Artists, Musicians, and everything that has to do with art in Albania.
8 ) Express Library– A library database for renting books online and getting them at the library.
9) Lost in Translation
10) Green Lovers– Recycle It Easy!
11) Lost in translation – Making green energy from waves.
12) Online Consultation – An online platform for psychologists for remote therapy, they will break the taboo about visiting the psychologist.
13) Virtual Learning– Remote learning platform for students and teachers.
14) Baazar– An online market connecting shops with customers.