The Startup Weekend Tirana was successfully finalized


After a long intensive marathon of 54 hours, on Sunday evening, the Startup Weekend Tirana event was successfully finalized. The event, which promotes entrepreneurship and fosters creative ideas, took place for the second consecutive year in Tirana.
Dozens of passionate individuals, interested in establishing profitable businesses, gathered at the premises of Protik Resource Center during the three day long activity. During the 54 hours, the event served as a bridge between programmers, designers, advertisers, product managers, accountants, potential investors and technology enthusiasts who managed to create over a weekend a work plan for the establishment of a startup company.
Friday, which was the opening day of the event, began with the pitching of ideas and the creation of working groups.
On Saturday, teams started working towards turning their ideas into reality by creating prototypes of products, conducting field surveys and consultation sessions with mentors, who were professionals of the ICT sector in Albania and successful entrepreneurs.
On Sunday evening, the participants presented their prototypes before a panel of potential investors and entrepreneurs and the evening ended with the crowning of three winning projects.
The third place was assigned to the team ‘Lost in Translation’. The idea was the creation of a website with the purpose of serving as a meeting point between translators and those in need of translations. Practically, a user enters the site in order to translate a document. He is able to choose between licensed and unlicensed translators. Each interpreter will have a personal profile together with an evaluation given by clients who have had the opportunity to evaluate their performance. 30% of the payment will be made at the beginning while the rest of the transaction will occur before the submission of the translated material.
The members of the team were: Albi Sema, Erid Bejko, Floriana Mazreku, Oltjon Kodheli, Klevis Mino, Bruno Koçi.